– Unique espresso-style tea brewing skill preserves the fresh taste of our quality tea.

– Espresso-style tea machine provides high hygiene & avoid the over-oxidation.

– Simple SOP to lower down the requirement of manpower to 2-3 staffs.

– Strict management of raw material makes no waste of tea.

– Professional POS system supports sales and inventory precisely.

– Unique know-how method: machine, blended tea, bags, professional tea-making industry experience.

– Organized training and technical consultation.

– Organized management team.


  Powerful And High-Quality Brand Power

Fresh and natural brand image with high affinity.
High brand identity and reputation.

  Strong Backup Power In Headquarter

  • Excellent operation management system.
  • Excellent marketing strategies and professional creative promotion.
  • The Know-how of managing the tea drink store.
  • Systematic educational training process to intensify the capability of store management.
  • Presotea will appoint the representative to service the franchise in each region so we can grasp the trend of regional business district market.
  • The members in our R&D team have professional research experience in tea and full of the ability in R&D and creation.
  • The parent company of enterprise group is a famous tea raw material supplying factory in Taiwan, having stable ingredient quality.
  • Strict quality check in food safety, check the raw material regularly.
  • Professional POS system and strict barrel bolt control.
  • Give the Immediate and efficient general service to the store.

  Small Space But Huge Business Opportunity To Make Money

Just like using the high-pressure Brewing method to freshly brew the coffee by Espresso machine, we put the tea bag into tea brewing machine and freshly brewed the tea by the high-pressure brewing process. Our making process is easy and high quality. All we do is take the fresh brewed tea as the basis and then you can decide either drink it alone or go with the fresh fruits or other ingredients. That is all.

The Stores Numbers In Taiwan And Overseas Is Stable And Grows Every Year

Presotea defines the new trend of modern tea drink and have precise global layout so we are here sincerely welcome the high-quality franchise partners who have the same concept as us to join us. With perfect enterprise strategy and product capability and efficiently duplicate the high-quality store operation and service manpower we can maintain stable growth and gradually extend our business worldwide.

  Clever Market Adaptability

To respond the different consumer market need overseas, as for the price and tea drinks, to make certain that the price and selling products in the stores meet the consumer need in that area, our strategy adjusting measures to differing conditions.

  Preferential Franchise Conditions

Affordable Franchise fee with excellent service offering from headquarter. We help our franchisees to create and share values because we concern about the profit need of franchisees and take it as our main target.


Presotea has rich tea knowledge and we use premium materials and adopt the unique tea roasting and tea making technology among of our products. We are aiming to provide the finest quality with un-matchable price to all our customers, so everyone can enjoy a perfect fresh-good-tea.

We are proud to call ourselves the fresh tea people.

We are currently looking for potential franchisees to become part of our fresh tea people. If you are interested, please contact us by sending an email to, or use the form below:

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