Presotea will continuously applies our leading brand spirit in the industry, Fresh Tea, Fresh Made, to provide more health and affordable fresh tea drinks to our customers.

Presotea has been well established and successfully launched in Taiwan since 2006. Through its outstanding management and product quality control, Presotea has become one of the well -known tea shops in Taiwan and the business is still growing. With more than 300 franchise stores opened since first launch, Presotea is now in Indonesia, Canada, China and Australia.

The first store in Canada BC was setup in Richmond in 2016. We are now seeking for more prime locations to cater the rapid growing Presotea customers in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


Presotea, originated from the famous fifth-generation old tea factory, is the original brand of fresh making tea beverage chain stores in Taiwan, not only has adopted tea making process of old tea factory and its spirit run for several sixty year cycles, the outstanding traditional background and technology in professional Tea Farm Management, tea picking and making, R&D and allocation but also combines the healthy living modern people pursue and the spirit of HOLAS. Completely overthrowing conventional tea-brewing method, Presotea, on the basis of Fresh tea, all new made, insists to freshly brew the tea by using the espresso-type machine, has seasonal fresh fruits and ingredients to go with it; furthermore, develops innovative and unique tea drinks. The customers can appreciate the wonderful fresh made tea in the street at any time and everywhere while drink our fresh made-oriented fashion tea drinks. We believe firmly that the tea, the main character of tea drink shall be fresh made because only the fresh made tea can bring out the flavor of fruits and hope all the tea drinks.

Presotea gives to the customers is fresh and high-quality and has a natural flavor that people like in all age groups.

Other than the single origin tea, the fruit tea series is well-known as well in our brand. To present the natural flavor of fruit tea, we select the high-quality seasonal fruits directly in the source place in Taiwan. In them, the pineapple fresh tea, Fruit Double Topping, Winter melon Lemon, etc. are all the popular drinks people like to order in the Presotea store.

Presotea has deep rooted tea drink market in Taiwan for almost 10 years, having outstanding tea blending team devoting themselves to research and develop the tea drinks customers like. By the combination of traditional tea art and modern innovation tea drinks, our team applies the integrated and transparent manufacturing process to make all the tea drinks with heart. Moreover, our brand has constantly received positive praise from the customers and alliance partner, and the unique and innovative tea drinks is as well as the long lasting in tea drink market, the Ali Mountain ice tea in particular, the best seller in Presotea. Recently, we have stores in six countries. Our customers from all over the place love our tea drinks very much.


Presotea lays the foundation of traditional tea art and initiates tea drinks to innovate the future. To fulfill our management goal of becoming the customer’s No. 1 ideal brand of tea drink, we have devoted ourselves to develop multi-flavored tea drinks to satisfy how people like their tea made now, focus on the development and sales of long lasting drinks and make every effort to sell fresh made tea drink by the different and transparent making process to meet the health living people pursue and now. Presotea carries out the educational training for the retail sales. We required our partners to improve themselves constantly, grow together, operate the business stably and share with the customers sincerely. By doing so, our stores can be the tea drink stores people like to go.


1. Originate from five-generation tea factory in Taiwan and adopted tea making process of old tea factory run for several sixty year cycles.

2. The Enterprise group is a famous supplying factory in Taiwan. The source of tea raw material are stable.

3. The high-quality agricultural specialty in Taiwan, the world best teas all have something to do with the Presotea.

4. The devotion of developing the freshly brewed tea drink customers like that is classic, long lasting and bestselling.

5. Rare in the market, insist to brew the tea by using the espresso-type machine.

6. The operating representative will give the all-around operational guidance program to all the store right away.

7. Presotea has opened its stores in several countries, and the customers from all over the places loves our tea drinks.